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Whether or not your New Year’s resolution is to scale back , one thing is needless to mention , if you eat all the wrong “food stuff,” it’s getting to not matter how often or how hard you’re employed out, because you will be certain a rude awakening. One third of all Americans are considered overweight or “fat,” and a minimum of half those folks that “carry extra luggage” are also considered obese. …

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Artificial intelligence in cardiology but before I do that let me just give you a brief introduction of artificial intelligence in general so what is artificial intelligence artificial intelligence is defined as the ability to make computers or machines learn to solve problems that will otherwise require a human to do it now we hear about AI every day but more importantly we are using artificial intelligence or AI as we call every day we use it with our cell phones especially if you have face recognition fingerprint recognition every time you do a Google search the computer already knows your preferences your taste is your likes and will accommodate those searches according to your personal history that’s something the computer has been learning. …

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Diabetes is on the increase, especially within the us . About 1.5 million Americans are diagnosed with the disease per annum, consistent with the American Diabetes Association.

Diabetes stems from having abnormally high blood glucose levels, which is caused by eating an excessive amount of sugary foods. Eating food like sodas, fries and chips regularly also puts you within the running for diabetes. Processed meats, especially, are linked by studies to Type 2 diabetes because they’re rich in sodium and preservatives.

But not all foods that taste good are sure to increase the quantity of sugar in your blood. In fact, many of the herbs and spices that you simply use to reinforce the flavour of your meals can help protect you from diabetes. Some medicinal herbs that are commonly used as home remedies also are known to decrease blood glucose levels. …

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Keeping your system strong and healthy is vital since it protects you from germs which will cause you to sick. There are some ways to spice up your immunity, like eating nutritious foods, taking vitamin supplements and exercising regularly. Getting enough sleep each night is additionally key to supporting immune health and overall well-being.

How can sleep help fight coronavirus?

Coronavirus (COVID-19) remains spreading across the world , and citizens are left scrambling as they steel oneself against the worst.

COVID-19 symptoms include:

• Difficulty breathing

• Headaches

• Coughing

• A runny nose

• Sore throat

Getting at least eight hours of sleep each night is one among the foremost effective ways to enhance your immunity and repel viruses and illness since sleep may be a natural immune booster. …

Shailendra Nagare

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